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Polygon Ecosystem
The Polygon Ecosystem ave.change is
Polygon calls itself The Ethereum of India and is part of the Ethereum side chain. The team adopted Plasma framework and PoS verification mechanism to ensure asset security, and focused on improving ethereum throughput, addressing scalability and availability issues, providing DApp users with a good operating experience, and enabling developers to deploy scalable smart contracts without expensive fees. What are the advantages of Polygon? 1. Scalability: Fast and low-cost transactions on the side chain are confirmed on the main chain. Ethereum is its first compatible base chain. 2. High throughput: Throughput on a single side chain is up to 10,000 TPS, and multiple side chains further facilitate horizontal expansion. 3. User experience: Smooth user experience and development layer from main chain to Polygon chain, with Mobile application and software development SDK supported by WalletConnect. 4. Security: The Polygon chain operator is also an equity owner of the PoS system. 5. Public side chains: Polygon side chains are public non-licensed chains and support multiple protocols. Recently, Polygon's growth has been explosive, with over $10 billion in value locked in, with new protocols deployed and old protocols migrated daily. According to Awesome Polygon, the Polygon ecosystem currently has 273 DApps and over 60 infrastructure and development tools.
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