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The Web3.0 ave.change is
Web 3.0 is a new stage in the evolution of the Internet. Computer scientists and Internet experts believe the changes to Web3.0 will make the Internet smarter and make people's lives easier. Web3.0 is an industry term with different definitions for different people and different time periods. Web 3.0 will have many advantages, such as bringing privacy protection and antitrust to the Web, more secure and durable Web services, the ownership of data to individuals, a public blockchain network, and a high degree of interoperability, which means that everything is connected and everywhere. Dr. Gavin, co-founder of ethereum and today's Polkadot, realized that there were a lot of problems with the Internet today, so Dr. Gavin came up with Web3.0. According to Gavin, Web3.0 is a set of inclusive protocols that provide building blocks for application manufacturers. These building blocks replace traditional Web technologies such as HTTP, AJAX, MySQL, and provide an entirely new way to create applications. These technologies provide users with strong and verifiable guarantees about the security of the information they receive and provide, and the confidentiality of the information they pay for. Gavin's definition of Web3.0 would be an extensible set of technical frameworks and a new way of building applications through which he wanted everyone to control their own (digital) identity, assets and data, and thus their own destiny. Gavin proposed the new Web3.0 is targeted to solve the Web2.0 problem, and the inclusive is very strong, can be more intelligent Internet also included in the new Web3.0. Web1.0 and Web2.0 are an overview and summary of the existing and past Internet, while Web3.0 is more about providing a guideline for the next step of development of the Internet. Once Dr. Gavin's new Web3.0 concept came out, there were many corresponding projects based on Web3.0. Filecoin, Blockstack, and more have sprung up, and now the annual Web3 conference is in full swing. Web3.0 will create a new global digital economy, even new business models and market economies, and generate a lot of bottom-up innovation. What is certain is that the advent of Web3.0 will bring a whole new meaning to the term digital age. Although it may be hard for us to imagine what a wonderful world it will bring, we believe it will lead us closer to the dream of an Internet world of efficiency, fairness, credit and value. When we talk about the development of Web3.0, we have to mention blockchain further, because the decentralized, untrusting and tamper-proof nature of blockchain perfectly fits the goal of Web3.0 to create a new generation of Internet, where every user is in control of their own data, identity and destiny. In addition to blockchain, there are more things worth exploring in Web3.0, including the addition of artificial intelligence, the addition of distributed storage protocol, and more secure cryptography, which together describe the blueprint of Web3.0, so we have a clearer judgment of the present and future of Web3.0. First of all, we need to solve the data storage and transmission (communication) of Web3.0, which is the foundation of Web3.0 and the underlying framework of some blockchain projects. Second, we will consider the feasibility of applications and access to secure digital identities. Finally, we can present browsers and websites that are more accessible to the public. This is where we think Web3.0 will go.
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